outfit post: mustard crepe blouse, denim pencil skirt, leopard heels

Inspiration - Marionberry Style

I had the worst case of static this morning with this blouse. I tried rubbing a dryer sheet on it but that didn't help. And then I tried to splash water on my torso - I was sleepy, couldn't think of anything better - and then when I took the photos the shirt was still annoyingly clinging to my body. AND THEN I just saw that it has mottled water marks all over it that I didn't notice until I went to post the photo to the blog. Whoopsie. Happy Monday to me.

Denim pencil skirt worn previously:
red sweater, denim pencil skirt, nude pumps
navy polka dot blouse, denim pencil skirt 
denim pencil skirt, polka dot blouse, cardigan
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denim pencil skirt, maroon camp shirt, floral scarf 
grey cardigan with floral applique , denim skirt, wide belt



  1. The color of that blouse is amazing!

  2. Very cute. I bought the same shirt in that color and also in blue/green and in pink. Do you like how it fits? I have issues with the fitting... When I try to tuck it in like you do, it doesn't "fold" properly... Anyway, you look great, have a great Monday!

  3. I have that same problem with those old navy blouses. The only solution I have is to wear a cami underneath, seems to cut the static.

  4. Static makes me crazy. Sometimes I try to wear loosey, drapey blouses, in hopes that they will drape over my muffin top (thanks for that, motherhood), and then I'll look down in horror to see that they are, in fact, CLINGING to the muffin top. Blah. Love the colour though. Sometimes I use static guard to help mitigate the static, but recently mine clogged, so instead of a gentle mist, it's spraying big splotches. Which look awful. :p

  5. I'm so glad to have found your blog!! I have a lot of the clothes you have but never thought to pair them the way you do so thank you!!

  6. If you rub it against something metal, it'll help. I used to do Belly Dancing and when we used a veil, it was so silky it would become staticky and impossible to swirl. Rubbing it against a metal piece would remove it and make it flowy again.

  7. Downy wrinkle release also works great for static cling, I use it all the time!

  8. I have all the pieces to recreate this outfit. I need to get on it (as in, iron and/or steam them to get the wrinkles out).
    Looks great! I love mustard color :)


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