outfit post: grey ruffle jacket, black 'editor' pants, black boatneck shirt

Inspiration - Michael Kors

I've been doing a little spring cleaning and going through my closet and clothing. So today's outfit was my trying to force myself to utilize something that typically lives a lonely, unworn life in the back of my closet. (And if I can't figure out a way to wear it then I need to admit it's time to pass the piece of clothing on.)

This is only the second time I've worn this jacket in the many years I've owned it. It was one of those super sale rack finds at Loft where it was like $12 marked down from over a hundred. I thought to myself - what a great deal! I'd better buy this right now! Instead of posing a more appropriate question - do you ever wear blazers unless you have to? (Answer - no.) I think blazers look so crisp and nice on but given the choice I always find myself drawn to cardigans. While this isn't my favorite outfit of all time - I like it enough to wear it again and I think this jacket will get to stay. :)



  1. I think this jacket is cute! I love that you always have an outfit inspiration that matches so closely. Try pairing the jacket with jeans for a more polished weekend look. I wear blazers with jeans all the time!


  2. Ohhh, I love it!!! It's really cute!

  3. It would look great with those purple crops from Express too (I have a pair and was just thinking how I'd like a more structured top to pair with them).

  4. Gorgeous. Love this outfit.



  5. I hear ya... I like the IDEA of blazers, but have a hard time finding the right fit / proportions for me. My cardigan addiction however... it's quite healthy.

  6. So cute! I have to admit, I'm not such a fan of blazers on ME, love them on other people. I think it's because in 7th grade I wore blazers all the time...

    I often feel "dressed up" when I wear skirts and blazers. I live out in the country with 3 kids, don't really have a need to get dressed up.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Adra - Bag is from Coach. Bought it about 2005?


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