outfit post: green t-shirt, grey boyfriend cardigan, black skinny jeans, animal print scarf

Inspiration - Lauren Conrad

My bestie in the whole world (you can see her guest poster week here) gave me this scarf as part of one of the most awesome Christmas gifts I have ever received. We've been friends since we were 11 and she knows me better then I know myself.

She sent me a box (we haven't lived in the same city since college, boo-hoo) that had a bunch of little gifts wrapped up and as I opened each one I loved it more then the last. In the box I opened the following - Magic Mike DVD, black sweater tights, cute People Against Ugly Notebooks notebook from Maybooks with 'MK' on the cover (she's the Ashley to my Mary Kate!), a gator koozie with a blue polka-dot bow, adorable orange & blue Kino sandals (she lived in Key West) and this super fab animal print scarf. Each gift had a memory or inside joke to it. What a super fun present full of cute stuff! Love her so much!

Joked I was going to take a silly picture of myself to put in the thank you card of me sitting on the couch wearing only the black tights with the sandals over them with the scarf wrapped around my torso while pretending to write a thank you note in the notebook, with a beer in the koozy in the other hand and shirtless hot boys on the TV in the background. It'd basically be a blackmail worthy picture!



  1. very cute -- love your scarf! xo


  2. Hahaha! I love this post soooo much- and YOU!! I love the way you paired this entire outfit. Love, love, love!!

    xoxo Ashley

  3. Love this outfit! Your blog has so many great inspo photos for riding boots, and I've been living in mine lately :D

  4. Love this casual look. Perfect. I'm doing a great stella and dot giveaway on my blog. You should check it out.




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