outfit post: chevron dress, mustard cardigan, brown riding boots

Inspiration - Love at First Shop

New dress! Found this dress shopping two weeks ago at Forever 21. Cute, cheap and not a micro-mini? Nice! (I find so many dresses at F21 that I almost love - if only they were three inches longer they'd be amazing. More times then not, I have to say no thanks to a dress that would show my underwear to the world every time I sat down.)

I love Forever 21 for the random great finds you can discover if you hunt around but sometimes it's frustrating that they don't keep the same inventory for more then a hot minute. Something will be in the store or on the website and then two days later it will be as if it never existed. My sister will find a cute blouse for a great price and the very next day I will stop by and the store is totally overhauled. Or I buy this dress (two weeks ago) and then go look for it online to link to it - no sign of it! I also can never link to cute cheap clothing items I find that resemble parts of my outfits because between the time I put the link up and a day later when someone clicks on it - gone! And the link is totally broken and useless. Annoying. 

Where do those piles and piles of unsold clothing go that they shuffle out so frequently? Are there really trendy thrift shops full of one-week-out-of-style clothing? Or some really fashionable orphans somewhere? Or just a brightly colored pile of cloth in the landfill? Inquiring minds would like to know! :)



  1. I love everything about this outfit. Super cute!

    I'm guessing I'm shorter than you are, but I'm with you on so many of the more 'trendy' stores having dresses that are completely life-inappropriate. Like, if all you ever did was stand and pose, then *maybe* people wouldn't be seeing your business. But most of us sit once in a while, and then it gets dicey.... This outfit kicks ass!

  2. Gorgeous dress! I love the sweater with it.

  3. Cute outfit! For me, I like F21 because their lengths work for me, especially the torso lengths (in tops and dresses). I'm short, tho.

    It's their width that I have trouble with. :p ;)

  4. Love this dress and outfit. Gorgeous. Don't forget to enter my stella and dot giveaway and i'm also hosting a link up this thursday about how you would style cobalt.Hope to see you there.



  5. This is such a cute outfit! Love the horizontal zigzag pattern on the dress and the mustard cardigan. Great color combo!

  6. Any chance you have the product code of the dress my store says they can search by that to see if it is available anywhere?

  7. stodd -
    from the receipt - 40496238024 DRESS/DRESS CREAM/BLACK

    Hope this helps!!

  8. You are my new favorite fashion blog! Everything in one place :)

  9. I am loving this combo! Normally I don't like black and yellow together, but this look is so fab! That dress is so multifunctional, I hope to see a lot more outfits with it.


  10. Went on my lunch break yesterday to hunt down this dress at my Forever 21 and the girl laughed and said we had that weeks ago...bummed! It's so cute!!

  11. Just came across your excellent blog. I love the way you present your outfits - brilliant for those days when I'm stuck for inspiration. I loved this outfit and almost pinned it until I realised I'd worn the same exact combination only a couple of days ago! What are the chances of that happening? When I say same exact, I mean the components were all the same - I live in the UK, so my brands were obviously different. But I independently put this together with a Next stripe dress and a mustard yellow blazer with tan shoes and belt! This definitely won't be my last time to your blog!

  12. I imagine that F21 just has very little stock of every piece they sell, so they sell out quickly. You've just got to be there at the right time, and it looks like with this dress, you were!

  13. I just found really similar dress!!


    And blouse:

    And other zig zag clothe!

  14. This outfit is totally a cutie!!!
    We don't have a F21 here, but I hate when that happens: I see a nice something and 3 days later when I'm back to get it the whole shop has turned upside down and I cannot find it any more, and if go and ask about it, no clerk knows what I'm talking about.. That's a big dislike and great fail for this kind of shops. Together with the too many short short short hemlines...


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