outfit post: blue & green striped top, denim pencil skirt, black pumps

Inspiration - Just Dandy

I once upon a time had a very similar J.Crew shirt that was blue and green and white that had an unfortunate accident and came to an untimely bleeding end after a run in with the washing machine. I was sad because it was a great shirt for feeling slightly dressed up in shorts or jeans while still just wearing a t-shirt. How excited was I when I found this one at Forever 21 in February? Decided to try to dress it up from casual wear to work work with a pencil skirt. Happy hump day everyone! :)



  1. Loving the stripes, MK. You look great.

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  3. I love this. Looks great on you.

  4. Hi! loving the outfit! I've noticed the link for your shoes goes to red suede heels. Do you have another link? Or what is the style name for the nine west shoes? Thanks!

  5. Mkapril - They are "ForTonight" by Nine West. It looks like they don't have the black ones anymore. :(

    Added another similar link in place of those...

  6. I love all your outfits. I check in as much as I can, but your web site is sadly blocked where I work. oh well! <3 your style!

  7. I love your outfits - I totally GET your style! I'm a software mansger too and I like how you dress classy for work and not stick to the casual/jeans routine.
    Oh, and thanks to you I discovered Forever 21 - I have NEVER shopped there before (yes, i was under a rock.

  8. I really love this blog. Since I found it I check it everyday.
    I am changing jobs pretty soon and this blog is giving me some great ideas.

    The links you posted to the skirt are all either sold out or to big or small.

    here is a link that is similar to the skirt you you posted.


    (For others like me who really want to mimic this outfit) Hope you don't mind


  9. I need a skirt like that in my wardrobe!


  10. I added the new better link into the post - Thanks Leslie!! :)

  11. After following your blog forever :), I finally pulled the trigger and ordered your Fortonight pumps in black leather. Received them today-love them-but dang they are high. Can't decide if I want to keep them or not. They look so great on you but where I live and work, no one wears heels that high. I got them for just $35 shipped!! Ah, decisions!

  12. I'm new to your blog...and already obsessed!
    I see that's at of the tips I'm lurving are from Forever 21, but I have had trouble with their clothes fitting me in the past. Large chest and their sizing doesn't really mix....
    Would it be rude of me to ask what size shirt you're wearing so I can compare it to what might fit me? I know I could always return it if it doesn't work, but I can't try it on ahead of time since we don't have a store nearby.
    I would really appreciate any insight you could give me! Thanks!!!

  13. LM - I'm glad you like them but I do know I have a tendency to wear heels higher then a lot of people feel comfortable in. You just have to go with whatever height you feel best in! :)

    Kimberly - I bought a medium but I almost could have gone large. I'm with you in that I often have to size up at F21 because of the cut of their clothes not accommodating very many curves.


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