outfit posts: pink cardigan, black blouse, black pencil skirt

Inspiration - Ann Taylor

Happy Valentine's day! Wearing a little bit of pink to celebrate.

I had dinner last night with on of my favorite people ever, my good friend since we were in 6th grade(!!), who lives here in DC. We both grew up in a tiny town in rural Florida and it's fun to meet up in a big city with a childhood friend and spend time catching up on our current lives and reminiscing about the past.

In her professional field she is 'kind of a big deal' on the social media front. She heads big public campaigns and is sought after to give speeches on integrating the latest social platform for your particular business/industry. So I definitely used the opportunity to pick her brain about how this site could be better!

Next step is to convince her to be a guest poster for a week! :)



    1. This is super cute. I like the fun bright pink, but it still looks professional and polished.

    2. Love this outfit. BEautiful!!!



    3. That is seriously creepy. I kid you not, at this very moment, I have on a fuschia cardigan, black cami, a pearly necklace, black pencil skirt, black paisley tights (it's chilly here), and black bootie heels....

      Brilliant minds think alike!!

    4. does your skirt have belt loops? if not, how do you get the belt to stay in place?

    5. Thanks!

      Yes, it does have belt loops and I love them. But the problem with this skirt is it also has pockets so it puffs out funny at the hips if I don't keep pulling it down. I am putting a black pencil skirt with belt loops and no pockets on my to search for clothing list!!

    6. cardigans and of course belts... no no creepy at all, en contraire as the french sais... love them...a lot!


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