outfit posts: green cardigan, black pencil skirt

Inspiration - Stacy London

I love this work outfit. Strong solid colors. Simple classic shape. Stacy London approved! Perfect for Monday morning.

Look at me with an ever so slightly different pose the normal! I find it so hard to set the camera timer, dash across the room, pose and not look totally awkward. I have two go-to poses that I use over and over and over on this blog - feet together facing the camera and one foot's toe touching behind the other forward facing foot both with my hands on my hips. And even with those go-tos I still find myself taking 3-4 (or sometimes even more!) shots before I don't look weird in some way - off balance, disheveled or totally graceless. So this pose, my copying Stacy's, with knee slightly bent and hands clasped on front is me getting pretty crazy & wild!



  1. I like the new pose :) I use a remote trigger on my camera and it is fabulous. I still end up taking a million pictures anyway ( and I love to steal your one foot touching other forward pose. It's very flattering)

  2. I love your site! Thanks for the inspiration and examples!

  3. Hi! Great outfit! I think it goes better in you tant the inspiration picture!

  4. Thanks for sharing all your great outfits! Your captions helps make the site fun & keep me waiting excitedly for the next post!

  5. I really like this outfit! The skirt and the pumps are super chic. The turqouise cardigan is the eyecatcher! great combination!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  6. I like this post lot...very inspirational green cardigan with black skirts... there two calm colour ... very nice


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