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Inspiration - Net-a-Porter Miu Miu

The other night just as I was leaving dinner the rain that had been drizzling all day magically turned into a kind of snow that this Florida girl had never seen before right before my eyes. It had huge wet flakes that looked like dollops of foam from an overflowed dishwasher or a foam party at a night club. It didn't seem possible that the drizzling rain could turn into what almost looked like clumps of bubbles floating down from the sky. I was so entertained. Maybe this is normal 'wet snow' behavior? I haven't had enough snow experience to know. But it was really cool. And it made me happy.

And on a totally different topic, here is a totally snow-inappropriate outfit. I'd both freeze to death and immediately slip on ice and break my neck if I wore this here this week. But for spring weather weekend dates with the hubby - this would be ideal! :)

Wore this blouse previously:
Wore these pants previously:


      1. Just wanted to say that I love your blog! You post such cute, accessible outfits. I've gotten great ideas from you. Please don't change! My favorite fashion bloggers have all started taking lots of c/o stuff and/or post things way out of my price. Range. Anyway, thanks and bright blue pants are on my wishlist for spring! - nicci

      2. I've been following your outfit posts for a while and just wanted to say that I love that you put the source of each item in the post. Thanks!

      3. Oh my goodness, this outfit! It's so crisp and clean, and I absolutely love the colors. Gorgeous!

      4. This is adorable. I love that crisp colour combination. And I like the tie-neck detail of your blouse even more than the inspiration pic. :)

      5. I love this outfit! That top is so pretty. I've been wanting a polka dot top for a while but no luck. I never thought of looking into WHBM. I'll have to give them a try.

      6. OK, so I am not as young or as slim or as tall as you, but having spent ages browsing your outfits, I'm finding it a bit scary to see my clothes on you over and over...!!! Lots of great inspiration, so I will be getting out my olive cardigan, striped T, purple cropped pants, mint capris, navy polka blouse, coral sandals and so on out to see what I can come up with together with my skinny jeans - :o
        BTW, even though you're in a different climate to me, your outfits are mostly fine because our "indoor" locations are all so well heated in winter! No problem.

      7. Thanks for all the kind words! <3 Super glad you all enjoy the blog!! :)

      8. OH my! Love the outfit. Great blog.=D

      9. What material is this polka dot tie neck blouse made of?? So cute!

      10. What material is this polka dot tie blouse made of? I found one that's 100% polyester so it has that shine to it, but yours is so cute!!

      11. Hi,
        I love this blog! You have an amazing sense of color and making the outfits. I am on a shopping spree to buy the pieces that you have in your collection since I am not very good at buying for myself. Also, I think these outfits look good if they are worn by the right body type. Would you agree? I am 5'1 and pretty plump (size 12) after having a baby so I am not sure which of these outfits will suit me. Is there a blog which tailor to petite plump (not PLUS) women? I really need fashion advice.

      12. Thanks!

        Joyce - it's 100% polyester.

        Anon - I'm not sure of a good curvy girl blog. I'll bet there are some awesome ones that I'm just not aware of!


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