outfit post: orange shirt, olive green striped cardigan, black 'editor' pants

Inspiration - Stacy London

When in doubt - Stacy London is your lady. Easy, fun mid-week outfit. That's all. :)

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  1. I enjoy your blog!! Very cute outfits and everything looks great on you. But on this one... I'd hem the pants a little... Don't you think they're too long, or is it just me?
    Looking forward to more posts and fashion inspiration! :-)

  2. Another link for a similar necklace: http://www.etsy.com/listing/109704970/long-gold-circle-necklace-circle-pendant?

    (found while I was looking for statement necklaces on etsy - it's so similar to the Target one I had to check to make sure they weren't just reselling it)

  3. Anon - Thanks! You're definitely right in that the pants need hemming. I almost broke my neck on the stairs yesterday.

    Maris - That necklace is so similar!!

  4. I remember Editor pants from my working days. It was the only kind I wore. So comfy!

    Now, I have changed careers :p I'm a stay-at-home mom to 3 chickies. I still have 2 Editors and I feel extremely overdressed in them. BUT I did wear my khaki ones to story time yesterday. I paired them with a white shirt and leopard print flats. Oh yeah! ;)

  5. The editors are totally my go-to work pant but you are exactly right and they don't find their way into my life very often outside of work. :)


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