outfit post: black suit jacket, black suit pants, white ruffle blouse, yellow belt

Inspiration - Ann Taylor

When I travel onsite for client configuration workshops I always try to wear a suit on the first day. Most companies who buy our software have a pretty casual dress code (as is the case with the majority of US companies, I think) but the occasional client will have a buttoned up environment (especially law firms and banks) so I always think it wise to lean towards over-dressed then under-dressed until you know the culture of the company. It never hurts to make a good impression!

That said, just because I want to make a professional impression, it doesn't mean I can't have a little fun with my look. That's what inspired this outfit - it's a serious normal basic black suit but when you add the yellow belt it adds a tiny touch of fun and color to the otherwise serious outfit.

Wore this ruffle blouse previously:
Navy cardigan & white shorts
Pink cardigan & grey pants
Purple cardigan & grey pants
Skinny jeans & knit cardigan
Yellow a-line floral skirt
Rust cardigan & patterned pencil skirt
Rust cardigan & black pencil skirt

Wore this yellow belt previously:
White button down shirt & navy pants
Mint polka-dot blouse & black cropped pants
Purple and pink striped tank & wide legged jeans
Green floral blouse, green cardigan & black pants
Green floral blouse, grey cardigan & boyfriend jeans



  1. Don't you just love Ann Taylor's suits? They are always so polished, but not outrageously expensive. I love the idea of a pop of color with a conversative look. How do you feel about colored shoes with this outfit?

  2. Love this look! It's so simple and the pop of color makes it fun.

    How exactly do you walk in those pants?? They seem so long.

  3. very inspirational , conversative look is so on trend ....not only for office suits...

  4. Darlene - I do love AT suits. This one is the first work thing I ever bought to go to career fair back in college - over ten years ago! I like that they say for their basic/main suit line you can always buy new pieces and the fabric will match.

    Keri - Thanks! And I definitely need to get these pants hemmed. I almost toppled yesterday trying to hurry down a staircase!

    Clara - Thanks! :)

  5. Darlene - and for the colored shoes... maybe? It would just depend on the office environment. The client I'm at this week - I think I'd get some weird looks. (It's a major hotel chain corporate HQ) But you probably could for a more creative field?


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