outfit post: black cardigan, peach sriped pleated skirt

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TGIF! Times ten! I had seven+ hours of conference calls each & every day this week. Geeze louise. I just kept going from meeting to meeting making long lists of work I needed to do but not having time to actually do any of it. Full days of talking constantly about database diagrams, process workflows, software configuration options, technical report requirements and data connectors. (Doesn't my job exciting? :P) By the last few calls of each day my brain was such mush that I felt like I was speaking gibberish and putting together coherent thought was basically impossible.

So today to celebrate the end of the week I wore a fun girlie outfit. Sometimes I love getting dressed up and feeling pretty all day. And bonus is I can wear this out for date night afterwards. Hubs still has some Bonefish gift cards from Christmas and I plan to face plant in a big pile of bang bang shrimp... mmmmm!

(Wore this skirt previously here and here.)



  1. Adore this outfit. Perfection!!!



  2. Wow! Love this whole outfit..so cute! Just curious, what is a vague description of your job? It sounds like something I want to get into lol my husband is in IT and that's the direction I want to go

  3. Love it! Wonderful!

    And I hear ya on the work stress. I'm there myself this week (just finishing up a huge audit that has caused me many gray hairs).

    Enjoy the bang bang shrimp!

  4. This is so pretty! Love it!

  5. SO put together, classy, and gorgeous. I LOVE this outfit.

  6. Thanks everyone! Yay for dress up!

  7. I love love love love love (did I mention love?) that skirt. I was so disappointed that the 'similar' ones were NOT that similar. I understand it's four years old...but we should write strongly worded e-mails to H&M to get them to make another skirt like this one. :-) Thanks for all your outfits!

  8. Thanks Jess! I totally love this skirt
    but unfortunately it's pretty expensive.

  9. I love this rendition best =D the black is so classy, and the shape of the skirt is perfect!

  10. Suuuper cute! Love love! Love your nails! I have french tipped acrylic nails too. I would wear skirts more but my job requires I wear pantyhose with skirts and dresses so I wear pants a lot! UGH!


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