Wednesday, February 6, 2013

new header bar!

Super exciting dorky blog template news! I have a new header bar!

I was playing around last night with my static pages and monthly outfit archives and while doing so I set up new header bar that has fancy-pants drop downs to make navigation a bit easier & link to more stuff... woo-hoo!

I also added all my December outfits to "Fall 2012" and January outfits to "Winter 2013". Big stuff!
Regular posting starts again tomorrow!


  1. Your new toolbar is so great and I like your postings so much, they really help me to find the right style in my new job.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Love your blog, but wish you had a mobile view so it would load better. :(

  3. Love the new addition, it makes for easy looking! I used your one suitcase method last month for my return trip to the USA, it worked so well and I had loads of room for gifts in my checked bag!

  4. I love your blog - you have helped me get through many a Monday - Friday. LOVE the new shoes on your header! So pretty - I saw them a few days ago and figured I just handn't been very observant.

  5. Yay! Hope it's helpful! Let me know if you ever think of any other ideas/links I could organize/share in the header! :)

  6. I absolutely adore your outfits! One thing I noticed, however - your spring 2012 outfits are actually your summer 2012 outfits. Just a little heads up for you! As for other ideas, how about a closet section? I love to see what items people have in their closets as separate pieces of clothing.

  7. Ich liebe deine Outfits, diese sehen einfach immer wieder super schön aus. Du hast einfach Geschmack.



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