**feed reader & email issue!**

It looks like all the big, image-heavy "one suitcase - winter" posts posted in a row got to be too big for feedburner so the RSS feed and email subscriptions crapped out and quit sending. I think I have it fixed. I added a setting that is supposed to prevent the feed/emails from shutting down if the posts are too big. So hopefully this will clear up the problem!

Here's a list of posts that you may have missed:
Feb 4th - summary post - one suitcase: winter vacation capsule wardrobe
Feb 6th - new header bar!
Feb 7th - outfit post: burgundy cardigan, white tie blouse, brown 'editor' pants, leopard belt
Feb 8th - outfit post: black cardigan, peach sriped pleated skirt
Feb 9th - outfit post: navy knit sweater, blue button down oxford shirt, cropped light denim pants, red flats
Feb 10th - outfit posts: green cardigan, black pencil skirt