outfit post: white crepe button down blouse, black skinny jeans, leopard heels

Inspiration - Blake Lively

As I get older I find that one of the harder areas of dressing to keep up with is going out for a night on the town type clothes. I think I struggle to stay in tune with 'current' both because the style of this kind of clothing is much more trend driven then office or day to day wear so it changes frequently and secondly because I no longer want to dress in the same half-naked clothes my 18 year old self thought were a fantastic idea.

Way back in my college days (1999 era) we wore bootcut black pants and a bust showcasing spaghetti strapped tank. Now I see girls (I live in a predominantly college-aged town) in daisy duke high waisted shorts and blousey button up shirts or skin tight body conscious dresses.

This outfit is my current go-to going out outfit. I feel like it's on-trend and body flattering without being too young or too naked. And best of all it can pull double duty - I swap the crazy heels for riding boots - and this outfit works for day as well.



  1. You look great, I'm in my late 20s and this is my go to look as well. Because I try to buy clothes that I can transition from day to night.


  2. I know how you feel about finding outfits to go out in. I remember the boot cut, spaghetti strap days. I find skinny jeans, a great blouse and some sexy heels are the way to go. Love the heels you're wearing.



  3. I have a dumb question - I too recently purchased a similar top, but it's so see through. I wore it with a same colored cami underneath, but in your photo it doesn't look like you have anything underneath? Is it super see-through? are you supposed to wear something underneath? Help!

  4. Yay! I like this and best of all I already have everything in my closet!! I'm totally gonna steal this!

  5. Giggling about this post....we were soooo cool with our black pants and red/blue/pink/Chinese printed boob shirts ( : You look beautiful as always!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    My top is slightly see through. For going out I just wore this bra in nude. But for all other times I layer either a white or a nude colored tank/undershirt because even slightly see through is too much for work or a nice dinner.

  7. I love the skinny jeans. I tried to buy them from target but i'm not sure exactlymwhich ones you got. Can you shed some light on that


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