outfit post: white button down shirt, grey sweater, boyfriend jeans, red ballet flats

Inspiration - J.Crew

This is my new favorite favorite necklace in the whole world. I bought it for myself at Ann Taylor while Christmas shopping for other people (whoopsie!) and have worn it repeatedly since then. It has strands of pearls, gold chains and silver chains so no matter what other jewelry I want to wear it goes perfectly. (No having to go one way or the other with gold or silver for belts, watches & earrings.) I've worn it with sweaters, button up shirts, dresses and blouses. Totally surprised how many times I've worn it and how much I'm in love with it.

Second new purchase that is part of this outfit is the red flats from Old Navy. I was pleasantly surprised last year by how often I wore my neon yellow pumps - here, here, here, here, here, here. They are great in that they take a basic neutral outfit and make it fun. So I thought it would be a smart purchase to find a pair of more casual shoes that could do the same thing. Cue cute red ballet flats. 



  1. Love this outfit! This is basically my go-to look for weekends. Cute shoes!


  2. I LOVE this outfit! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. found you thru pinterest! adorable outfits.

  4. I absolutely love your blog and dress sense! You have given me some great ideas for outfits to try this Winter. Thanks so much and keep posting!

  5. I used to see this website on my facebook with complete outfits - don't remember the name - but loved it - IM SHARING YOU !! Im 42 (yuck) But love your styles - CLASSIC with a touch of in IN FASHION ... meaning most pieces I could wear for years and mix them up, with just a touch of a FAD! My kind of girl!! I try to explain this to my 21 year old niece !! KEEP IT COMING!!


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