outfit post: striped top, burgundy/purple cropped pants, boots, black cardigan

Inspiration - Stacy London

I'm baaaaaccck! After a whirlwind December of holidays, work travel & vacation I'm once again back to my normal routine which includes outfit posts for you lovelies! And who better for returning inspiration then the impeccable queen of What Not To Wear Stacy London? Love her so much! (She was actually also the inspiration the first time I wore these pants as well.)

(Below is a little story about vacation I emailed to my bestie and she suggested I share with the blog.)


      Vacation story:
      Hubby and I traveled to Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica and stayed in a 5 star 'sustainable' eco hotel called Arenas Del Mar. The hotel is in the jungle on a cliff. There are no cars allowed so you have to call a little hotel guy to take you on a golf car throughout the property on winding steep paved paths. It is a really nice hotel while also big on being eco-conscious and living in harmony with nature.

      After traveling overnight we spent a full day at the beach and were super exhausted & excited to come back to our comfy hotel to watch the sun set from our balcony hot tub while drinking some wine. After, we ordered room service of salad & sandwiches before we close the bedroom sliding door, crank the a/c (Costa is hot & humid!) and fall into the super exhausted missed-a-full-night-of-sleep sleep.

      In the middle of the night I hear the silverware clinking on the plates from the room service leftovers sitting on the bench at the foot of our bed. I drowsily laugh to myself that Hubby was hungry enough to wake up at 4 am to eat but then through my sleep haze I realize Hubby's head is laying directly next to me and there is a large furry lump between our feet!

      I don't typically get too freaked out by animals but waking up to a wild one in bed with you is another story. I punch passed out Hubby in the arm and hiss, "THERE IS A RACCOON IN OUR BED! THERE IS A RACCOON! IN OUR BED! RIGHT NOW!!

      It takes him a second to become conscious and as he does he starts to jump up because he only hears the tone of my voice and thinks we're being burglarized or something. Then the words I'm saying sink in and we both scramble backwards until we're perched on the pillows at the top of the bed. He starts shaking the sheets to shoo the raccoon off the bed. It lazily looks back at us, hops down off the bed and saunters out the open sliding glass door.

      We shut the door & start laughing at the strangeness of it all. This is one of the fanciest hotels we've ever stayed in and we find a wild animal in bed with us? We joke that we  knew that this hotel bragged about being close to nature but this is a bit much!

      We look out and he's just sitting there eating a bag of chips by the hot tub. Then we look at each other as we realize there were no chips as part of our room service order! We walk down the hallway (away from the sliding door) and into our little bar area in the main room. The mini bar cabinet and the mini fridge are both wide open and we see a matching bag of chips in the fridge.

      That little guy had to have opened our bedroom sliding door with his little burglar hands (we didn't latch it), walked down the hall into the other room and opened both the cabinet and the fridge to steal that bag of chips! He then took the chips down the hall, through our bedroom and onto the porch when he opened the bag and ate a few chips before deciding that the tray of room service we had at the bottom of our bed looked too good to pass up! Dude was totally hanging out in our hotel room for a quite awhile before we woke up!

      I opened the sliding door to get a picture of him but he finally decided to scamper away so I didn't get a great shot. Welcome to Costa Rica!


      1. I had a similar experience in Mexico with a wild dog. We woke up and it was in our bed. It was really gross. It was also work to get it out of there!

      2. Cute outfit. I have these jeans and a very similar top so I will be copying very soon!

        Also OMG OMG OMG. That's hilarious!

        Finally, I used your vacation packing series to pack for our cruise and everyone was so impressed with how put together I was every day. You are awesome! Can't thank you enough since I was totally freaked about packing.

      3. Bwahahaa! That story is one you will tell your grand kids one day. Priceless!

        He had the munchies!

      4. I love it! We were just in Costa Rica although that wasn't a raccoon its a Coati or Pizote. We had a similar experience with on our porch, only it was a whole family! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!

      5. LOVE your outfit!

        I think that raccoon would have given me a heart attack!!!

      6. AAAAA that sounds like my nightmare!

      7. Your story is hilarious. Glad you guys were ok. I love Stacy London. Love your recreation.



      8. Thanks so much!

        The raccoon burglar was funny once I was awake enough to laugh about it but I was having such a heart attack when my brain first realized a wild animal was hanging out in bed!

      9. Bahahahaha!!!! OMG, that's hilarious! Great story, glad your friend told you to post it!


      10. I have a tip for wearing cropped pants with tall boots, not sure if you already do it: wear knee high socks over the pants and under the boots. It helps to decrease bunching of the pants around the knees.

        1. Thanks! I'm not always up on those 'winter tricks' you cold weather people know about! :)


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