outfit post: purple cropped pant, black & white polka dot blouse, black cardigan

Inspiration - What I Wore

I'm not quite fashion adventurous enough to jump on the pattern mixing bandwagon just yet. It is another one of those trends that I love love love on other people but on myself I just feel like I look like I got dressed in the dark. I initially had a striped cardigan over the polka-dots to better imitate the inspiration photo but instead of looking beautiful and fashionable like Jessica does - I just looked like a crazy person who wandered out of a mental ward or a three year old who is allowed to pick out her own clothes. Not good.

Because the two patterns together weren't working for me I took what I loved most about this outfit, the polka dots and the colors, and added a simple solid black cardigan so that I felt more comfortable with the overall impression of my outfit. And I really like the result - yay!

(Pants worn previously here, here & here)



  1. Love it! I totally hear ya on loving fashions on others but thinking they look lame on yourself. I feel this way all the time. This is why I love your blog - you dress beautifully, and you keep it on a "sane" level.

    Honestly, while most of these people look awesome on their blogs, I imagine I'd think they did get dressed in the dark if I saw them out in public.

  2. I have that polka dot top and the long-sleeve version of the cardigan. Just need some purple pants now! :)

    I love how your blog inspires me to change up my wardrobe!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  3. I love this outfit! I read What I Wore also, but often feel like I couldn't pull off the outfits Jessica does (especially combining different prints!) so I really love how you took one of her outfits and made it look wear-able for me too! :)

  4. I'm usually too scared to mix patterns as well - and simple is so good! This outfit is totally something I would wear, and I really love it. The colors, the layout - it's very satisfactory. :)


  5. I feel the SAME way about pattern mixing. And button ups under sweaters. And sneaker wedges. And leather leggings.


  6. I do like pattern mixing (and have worked a bit of it into my own outfits), but I have to admit - your inspiration photo does *not* work for me. It looks intentional, but trying too hard. Or something - mostly it's just not my thing, probably.

  7. I agree with you, I'm just not confident enough to do the mixing patterns trend myself, but sometimes I like the look on others. Love these pants, the color is fantastic!!!


  8. Glad I'm not the only one who hasn't fully embraced the trend! I think I will just continue to enjoy how cute other people look doing it and keep with what I feel comfortable in! :)


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