outfit post: mustard shirt, grey pencil skirt, plaid flats

Inspiration - Banana Republic

Hubby and I adopted a new little kitten friend from the shelter this weekend. We took in an abandoned puppy three years ago and he's been wonderful (I wasn't a dog person before him but now I'm totally in love) and then on Saturday we added a little kitten to our household. Super sweet and super cute. And within a day the new (still unnamed) little kitten and Buddy have made friends.  Pix below - so adorable.

(Buddy is very familiar with my outfit photo taking. More often then not he is sitting right on the edge of the part of the photo I share but I crop the section with him out before I load the picture to the web. He just sits/lays in his bed next to where I stand/pose looking at me like I'm a nut as I run back and forth as the camera timer beeps.)


    New little friend laying with Buddy.


    1. Big huge heart to your pup and kitten!

      cute outfit too lol- but that adorable picture with the kitten asleep on his back steals the show!

    2. Your kitten and dog are probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!

    3. Love the dog and kitten pictures! Thanks for sharing another side of you!

    4. I love that mustard color! It's so pretty with grey.

      I found you on Bloglovin and I'm so glad I did! You have a great blog.

      Kate from Clear the Way

    5. Thanks! They are so sweet! <3

    6. Congratulations on your new addition! They are so adorable together.

    7. I love this outfit (and your entire blog!)! Simple and elegant and put together.


    8. My heart melted seeing the pics of the furry ones. So adorable!

    9. Oh, I love the new best friends! They're so cute! I have 2 dogs & 2 cats, & they all get along pretty well. One of the cast & the puppy are best friends, and play all the time. Adorable!! That kitten is beautiful, by the way. Love the color and markings.


    10. So adorable! Love the outfits - most are better than the "inspiration"!


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