outfit post: grey tunic sweater, black skinny jeans, cream infinity scarf

Inspiration - Lauren Conrad

Talk about a cozy outfit! I love being able to wear clothes that feel like pajamas but actually look put together. One thing that you can't see well in this photo is that the scarf has a slight sheen/sparkle to it. So the scarf plays the role of giving an otherwise plain canvas some interest. A fun necklace could do the same thing. This would be great for errands/car ride/airport.

Due to it being both super comfy and really cute - I'm sort of in love with it and only want to wear this for the rest of winter. kthxbi.



    1. Love this outfit! It does look super cozy.

    2. LOVE! You just might have inspired me to go out and buy a pair of black skinny jeans. I love the sweater and scarf too.

    3. Love! Looks like what I'm wearing today!
      And you also inspired me to get black skinnies a few weeks ago. I'm in love with them!

    4. Perfect outfit. Would totally wear this as a buys mom running after her 3.5 yr old son.



    5. Thanks! I love cozy cuddly outfits.

    6. Love this outfit! I'm with you on the comfy clothes. I love my pajamas, but I know I can't wear them all the time. So when I can wear outfits that look great but feel like pajamas? Bonus!!!!


    7. Love this outfit and love your blog! Just wondering if you've found any similar tunic sweaters this season? I've been looking and not been able to find anything. Please let me know if you have! Thanks : )

    8. There are a few links in this more recent post: http://www.outfitposts.com/2013/10/one-suitcase-paris-vacation-capsule_11.html

    9. Well suited outfit – perfect combination! The infinity scarf is simple yet, it looks very elegant. It can be worn in different ways to add the perfect touch of your outfit. Thank you for sharing!

    10. Nice outfit! The color of your outfit was perfect, especially the infinity scarf. Cream color for the infinity scarf is really good, and it is good whatever color you wear. Thanks for sharing this post!

    11. Love this outfit! I love tunics with leggings and wear this type of outfit at least once or twice a week all winter (I live in PA). I especially love gray with this cognac color boot.


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