Guest Post: Professor Wear

This week my bestie in the whole wide world has agreed to be a guest blogger! She is going to do a week of outfit posts for you all. She is a beautiful, fun & super smart mom, mad scientist & professor with great personal style. I'm super excited to see what she shares! Yayyy!

Before I begin introducing myself, here's an image of what I look like on a normal day (faces blacked out for professional anonymity): 

Not the cutest or most flattering attire, I know. 

But it is super comfortable and protective from bodily fluids that might splash during surgical procedures... 

Inspiration - Alicia Keys

When I'm not lounging around working in scrubs, I love an excuse to wear cute work clothes. I am a research scientist and a professor (and a mom of two little ones), so I get an opportunity for diversity in my wardrobe on a regular basis. This dress I chose to wear today is one of my favorite dresses to lecture in. It's form-fitting, which means that I will remember to stand up straight and tall and suck in while I'm talking to an auditorium of hundreds of students.

Fitted dresses are truly confidence-boosting and figure enhancing, even though it may feel completely opposite in theory. If I am having a bad body day, I tend to want to hide in baggy, unflattering clothes. This ends up making me feel worse. However, I feel confident and proud of my curves in a fitted outfit like this. I'm a size 10-12 and have grown to embrace and LOVE my curves as I've gotten older!

The one thing I'm not crazy about is the belt that came with the dress, because it creates the puckering you can see on my right. However, I haven't found the right navy blue (the dress is blue, although in the picture it looks black) or tan to go with it... any suggestions for an alternate color?

(Also, I apologize for the poor quality of this image. My 6 year old daughter helped me to take the picture, and my 2 year old stuck her finger on the camera lens sometime during the process... one day I will hire a professional photographer to photograph me looking fabulous on a regular basis.)



  1. cute dress! as a med student, i totally understand reveling in the days i get to wear cute clothes. =) navy is one of my favorite colors these days, and seems to go with all of my other favorites...mustardy yellow, cognac brown, emerald green, raspberry, pumpkin orange, many options. =)

  2. I love your outfits!

    I was surprised when you said you are a size 10-12 because I assumed you were much smaller.

    I also look very fit at that size. How tall are you? I am 5'3 and it would be pretty amazing if we were a similar height so I know what kind of things will be flattering on me when I get down to a 10 again.

  3. Good fashion sense AND smart with an awesome job? You're my hero. Keep being amazing; I have learned so much from this site, haha.

  4. I think a red belt would look great with the dress.

  5. Very cute! I think a grey patent or beachwood (very light tan color, close to a nude color) would look good :)

  6. I totally can sympathize with your scrubs. I'm a nurse so I get it. When I'm not working I try to dress up and look put together. Great guest post. If you get a chance take a look at my newest post 30 in 30.


  7. Love the dress. I don't think you should try to match the belt to the dress. Introduce some contrast with a mustard or emerald green belt. If you don't want to emphasize your waist, then use a textured black belt.

  8. A good quality gold belt from JCrew would also look nice.


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