Guest Post 5: Leopard & Boots

This week my bestie in the whole wide world has agreed to be a guest blogger! She is going to do a week of outfit posts for you all. She is a beautiful, fun & super smart mom, mad scientist & professor with great personal style. I'm super excited to see what she shares! Yayyy! 

Inspiration - Kate, Sienna Miller, Ashley Olson

I really wanted to write a post on one of my very favorite outfit looks this season: leggings with knee high boots. As I've talked about this week, I am not a waif-thin model type, and my legs are most suited for kicking a soccer ball. I can run 5 miles and chase after my kids all day long, but it is really tough for me to pull off this look.

With lots of curves and muscular legs, it's important to accentuate these areas carefully. I rarely wear loose fitting shirts- unless I am wearing tight leggings. Like I mentioned Tuesday, it's easy to fall into the dumpy & schlumpy mom look. I do sometimes wear this look with a more fitted shirt, but after the holidays, I'm not feeling as streamlined as usual! So I welcomed the more loosely fitting shirt today.

Let me also talk for a minute about knee high boots. Unlike most of my girlfriends, I cannot just order any pair of knee high boots... I need a calf circumference of 16" for the boot to fit comfortably. Here's a nice overview of measuring your calves for boot fit. With 16" calves, I fit in the "wide calf" category (ouch). After years of miserably trying to cram my legs into tight boots, I finally resigned myself to do an internet search for "wide calf boots," and "plus size boots." I have to be honest... typing those words into the search engine hurt! However, it was the best decision I ever made, because I found that I was not alone... there are many athletic women out there with ample calves, and boots made to fit! Yay!
These boots are lovely and elegant enough for work. I love them and get complimented on them constantly!

Finally, the leopard scarf... I am absolutely in love with this accessory. It is such a fun item to add to any "basic" outfit. I love adding a little animal print to brighten the day! As a matter of fact, I bought MK a leopard scarf for Christmas. I decided in October that I wanted to buy her some fun accessories, and it took me almost 2 full months to find the "perfect" leopard print. There are a lot of shiny and ugly animal print accessories out there.



  1. cute outfit! but please, please, please, no more self-disparaging body talk! you're wearing a look that you yourself profess to enjoy, you're rocking it, and you're bold enough to show the internet. why are you apologizing? did someone tell you you're not allowed to look as great as you do, with well-earned (and envy-inducing!) muscles?

    off the soapbox, i do like the scarf. finding myself drawn to animal patterns lately, though (until yesterday) i haven't owned any, since they don't quite seem like "me."

  2. I adore this look - especially the scarf. I'm actually ordering one from my favorite online consignment store (PoshMark) tonight! It's one accessory that I always find myself wanting.

  3. Oh, thank God, I am always on the lookout for wide calf knee highs. I played soccer all through school, too, and I could easily lift a car just with my calf muscles. Thanks for the boot links!!!

  4. I need wide calf boots too! And I was NOT a soccer player! your guest posts!-great job! MK keeps me up to date on all your adventures-glad you are doing so well up there! You look great & I don't know how you do it ALL! Hope to see you in FL sometime!


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