Guest Post 3: Favorite Classic Outfit

This week my bestie in the whole wide world has agreed to be a guest blogger! She is going to do a week of outfit posts for you all. She is a beautiful, fun & super smart mom, mad scientist & professor with great personal style. I'm super excited to see what she shares! Yayyy! 

Inspiration - Katherine Heigl

Like MK, I LOVE LOVE LOVE stripes. I have several striped shirts, sweaters and cardigans. I have no idea where this stripe obsession came from! This is one of my favorite go-to outfits for casual days (running errands, gymnastics with my kids, coffee with coworkers, aimlessly meandering around Target for hours, etc.).

I went to a casual coffee meeting the other morning, and then had to walk around a large campus with a bunch of scientists. This required comfort and the ability to layer (I paired this with a black scarf and cream colored peacoat, not pictured). You might notice the statement necklace from H&M again (I love this one, although I have a collection of statement necklaces...). After the meeting, I met up with a friend for a movie (Django is awesome!). This outfit made for a lovely transition from casual business to casual fun!

I own 3 pairs of these Old Navy Rockstar jeans (black, dark purple, and teal). I love the way they fit, but I have to say that the black seems to be a completely different material that the colored jeans. The fabric is soft and clingy, but not TOO clingy. The colored jeans feel more stiff and less flexible, and stretch out quickly, causing a weird saggy-bottom look (yuck). Skinny jeans are a very occasional look for me, because they can quickly make me feel dumpy and short instead of curvy and fabulous. I have to pair them with a nicely-fitting shirt. They do look best with heels (although heels are not often practical for the amount of walking I do on campus).

These metallic silver flats are seriously the most comfortable shoes in the world. I wish I'd bought every single pair of them when I'd found them at Marshall's so I could have back-ups for the rest of my life. They fit perfectly, match everything, and are practical for work and play. I walked 4.5 miles at work the other day and my feet felt fine!

(Totally nerdy confession: I am obsessed with my pedometer).

My legs look strangely short in this picture above... it's weird to take pictures of yourself in bathroom mirrors and hope no one notices! Here's another image of me on another day (I told you, this is one of my favorite go-to outfits!), this time at a science conference in Florida, hanging with a statue friend I found:



  1. You look adorable! Thanks for showing us curvy girls how to rock the skinny jeans :)

  2. Love your look! I prefer yours over the inspiration! hehe :)

    xo Megan, to: Hello Beautiful


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