outfit post: silver sequin top, black cropped pants, neon yellow heels

Inspiration - Sarah Jessica Parker

With all the holiday and new year's parties on the horizon I decided to do a shiny outfit experiment. I bought this shirt at TJ Maxx for a Vegas trip and I thought it'd be fun to use to reproduce the SJP outfit with my bright shoes. I don't have (or look attractive in) the haraem/pleated/poofy cropped pants so I tried to reverse the proportions of SJP's outfit and have a loose top with sleeker bottoms. I really like that it's forgiving in the middle for all the holiday treats I'm hiding in my belly these days.

On the subject of shine - I'm not one for too much sparkle in my regular day to day outfits. I tend toward color/pattern versus reflectivity in my clothing. (Jewelry is another story! Shine on!) I know that daytime sequins have become fashionably acceptable but whenever I see women wearing a sparkle tank at 3 pm it always makes me think of five year old girls who have been allowed to dress themselves. And at work - it's just a big no. (Maybe I'm just not cool enough?)



  1. Great recreation. I like yours better, it's much more realistic.



  2. I think, depending on your work environment even in an office, a subtle sparkle tank (maybe striped with alternating sparkle and non-sparkle, or tonal sparkle) could be appropriate under a suit jacket or cardigan. I think it would have the same look/feel that a statement necklace would have.

  3. I've worn sequins to work but usually around the holidays and only when we're having a holiday party in the office or I'm going to one immediately after work. I usually gets lots of compliments, though, so maybe some of my coworkers actually like it!

  4. Found your blog via pinterest. :) Seriously, cute stuff!

    Although, I do have to say that I wish you showed your head in the pictures. That keeps throwing me off.

  5. I shouldn't speak in absolutes! I definitely think sparkle can be nice for some offices and some occasions done right! I just had an old co-worker who went crazy with it when our office is relatively conservative. Disco ball style... :)

    Allison, sorry I'm headless. I just want to keep the blog about clothes and not have to worry if my hair is a wreck or I have a huge zit on the end of my nose. :)


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