outfit post: peach striped skirt, pink blouse, khaki trench

Inspiration - Redbook Magazine

Felt like dressing up a little today. Nothing like an a-line skirt and some high pumps to feel fun and girlie for the day. I almost wore this skirt with a black top and black tights & heels but I was feeling the cute pink instead.



  1. Do you ever feel height-conscious? I'm about 5'8" and all my friends consider me to be tall. (And I love a high heel!) I'm guessing that you're about the same height, too. I'm thinking I need to get taller friends or something! :)

  2. Very cute look! I love the color pallet!


  3. I just embrace my tallness. I am 5'8" also (and my husband is 5'10") so sometimes it's a Tom & Katie situation. But I love heels so I just go with it!

    Although at my husband's dad's recent wedding there was a family portrait taken where there were four women under 5'2", my husband, his dad & three brothers who are all 5'10" or less and then me who probably over 6" in my really high cute shoes. I looked pretty enormous. (Or they all looked like hobbits.) But whatever - it is who I am! :)

  4. I am 5'10" and I CANNOT go to church without my heels. I don't care how many comments of.. "wow you're so tall!" or "gosh I'm so short next to you!" comments I get. I still feel good about myself. I'm sorry that I look good in heels and look like a sexy giraffe.

  5. My sister is the same height as you and has same philosophy. Yay for sexy giraffes!


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