outfit post: orange sweater, blue plaid shirt, skinny jeans, riding boots

Inspiration - Piperlime

I didn't get a chance to post this outfit from last week because I was doing to the One Suitcase series. This is my cold weather game day outfit. It was Florida's homecoming, freezing cold and we had a nighttime pep-rally the Friday before the Saturday football game. (Freezing being a slight exaggeration because I'm a Florida cold wimp - it was probably only in the low 40s.) I added my cream winter coat (J.Crew Lady Day Coat - LOVE - I found it in a consignment shop about twelve years ago and it's the only actual winter coat I own) and a blue scarf to complete the outfit. Goooo Gators!



  1. Love the layering of your outfit! However if I wore that when it was 40 degrees out I'd be sweating bullets! :P

  2. LOL @ your cold weather

    I'm from Louisiana, so I totally feel ya on that one. I would've bundled up as well. We're all wimps in the south!

    Love this outfit!

  3. Love orange and blue together. Such a cute look!


  4. Thanks! I was nice & cozy warm. :)


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