outfit post: grey & black color blocked sweater dress, black pumps

TGIF! Night out on the town! Love this dress (on sale at Express) because the black side panels give the illusion that you are skinnier then you actually are and the slightly gathered front panel is forgiving to the stomach area. I ended up feeling cold so I added black tights before leaving the house. (Hubby really liked the dress & gave it two thumbs up.)



  1. Agree with your husband. Gorgeous dress. Love the rouching on the side.



  2. I like it too! I really like that it has sleeves!!

    Random question, I've noticed your nails before, but do you have acrylics or do you get some some sort of gel manicure? Acrylics always look weird on my nails, and yours look "natural"(or as natural as a french manicure looks, do you know what I mean? haha :) )

  3. Thanks!

    I do have acrylic nails. I think what makes them look as 'natural' as french manicure can look :) is that I get them cut very very short. Every time I get them done I have to convince the nail tech to make them super short. Their opinion of short and my opinion of short is always different and I have to ask like three times until the length is reasonable. :)

  4. Oooh, I like this dress a lot. I looks like something I could wear out in Norway and not stand out like the American. I rarely wear dresses but maybe I should ask for this from santa :)


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