outfit post: blue floral dress, green army jacket, brown riding boots

Inspiration - What I Wore

Boots and dress/skirts seem to be a topic trending through lots of my favorite blogs this week! Audrey at Putting Me Together wrote about dresses & boots in her Five Fall Go To Outfits, J's Everyday Fashion wrote about wearing boots and skirts to work and Jessica at What I Wore referenced wearing her army jacket over her boots & dress when discussing her fall weekend uniform. So I decided to join in on the fun with today's outfit. Yay for fall!

Little teaser - I'm working on a fun new type of post for this site right now! I hope to make it a recurring feature on the blog. (If you all like it of course!) I'm really excited about it! Check back on Sunday to see the first part that will continue all through next week! :)



      1. Love your blog! I read it in the mornings to inspire me to wear something other than jeans and a tee shirt to school. Looking forward to seeing the new feature!

      2. cute outfit!!!!



      3. I found one of your outfits on Pinterest and now I am totally obsessed with your blog! I really appreciate the time effort you take in listing so many sources for your items. I love your style and I'm going to make you the inspiration for my fall wardrobe!


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