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Inspiration - 80s Madonna

Okay - this is an unusual post - the first costume for the blog! I am in Atlanta with my bookclub girls this weekend to see Madonna!! And we decided as a group to dress up for the concert. I didn't do anything for Halloween so I got a little excited at the prospect of recreating 80s Madonna.

I dug around in my closet and this is the fun outfit I came up with. I took tights I typically wear with my boots, layered a skirt that I can't believe I used to wear in college over top, put on a lace tank (that I really like and actually wear a lot currently) with a black bra underneath. Then I piled on every bangle bracelet and metallic necklace I have. Once I had that much I realized I needed a few completer pieces - so I headed to the mall with my sister and we found the lace fingerless gloves ($3 from Spencer's), a pair of giant sparkly star earrings ($1.50 on sale at Forever 21) and the two cross necklaces ($3 each from Forever 21).

And to complete the look on Saturday night I'm going to make my hair crazy 80s messy/crimpy, tie a big black bow with panyhose as a headband and then wear my Wayfarer sunglasses all night.

It has been super fun emailing pictures of each of our outfit progress this week - I loved one friend's  Vogue 90s Madonna outfit with sparkle bra so much! I will post a group shot of us sometime next week.



  1. This is amazing!! Also, I'm quite jealous that you're going to see Madonna. When I was in elementary school I loved to dress like her. Yes, I left the house in outfits similar to what you're wearing as a costume.

    Enjoy the concert!

  2. I love it! And welcome to my city, I hope you enjoy!

  3. Let us know if you liked the concert. Madonna was here in Charlotte this week. A bunch of us girls got a limo and went to see her. She was supposed to start at 8pm but we sat there until 11pm waiting for the concert to start. My friend and I watched a half hour and then left at 11:30. Didn't like it at all. Just too weird. It seemed like she was trying to prove something, but I have no idea what. Actually, I thought she was pathetic, and no longer relevant. Sad, because I loved her when she was in her prime> You caught the essence of how I remember her in your outfit.

  4. When I first came here, I was like, um? I'm so glad that you explained this attire. It's perfection and very spot on Madonna!

    She was boo'd nearly off stage at her concert in NOLA for being way too political. Just shut up and sing!


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