outfit post: white georgette blouse, teal midi skirt, ankle boots

Inspiration - Katie Holmes

Experimental outfit alert! I am trying to mimic Katie Holmes' 70s/boho chic outfit by putting together a blouse, midi-skirt and ankle boots. And I almost like it but I also sort of feel like I'm drowning in fabric. The blouse is blouse-y, the skirt is full and the ankle boots are wide at the ankles and because my body is curvy (and not rail thin like Katie's) in certain positions (and half the pictures I took) I look like I weigh an extra 20 lbs - never good... but from some angles the outfit is super cute... hmmm...



  1. looks like there's too much fabric going on. Skirt too long, blouse too blousey. Not my fave look, but you have such a great style & body!

  2. Thanks. I feel like if I don't try new things and get it wrong a bit - then I won't ever branch out. So little bits of risk here and there and hopefully I'll learn something along the way! :)


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