outfit post: polka-dot blouse, denim pencil skirt

Inspiration - J.Crew

I just love polka-dots! I told myself I absolutely don't need any more polka-dotted blouses (I already have a white tie neck blouse and two tank tops) but as I was walking through Forever 21 this blouse just jumped out at me and begged me to take it home. It fits great, has a tie in the front (which I love because no necklace needed), is mostly navy (where my other blouse is mostly white) and was under $20. Considering how much I wear my white one (here, here, here) I figure this one will be well worn & loved also so I gave in and bought it. I'm already really happy I did because I love it!



  1. I love this! Perfect for office without being frumpy or stuffy. nice!

  2. Gorgeous outfit. I love the polka dot blouse. I bought one off of Piperlime and i love it. Instead of polka dot, it has hearts and i love the tie. Great job recreating the outfit.



  3. Love all your polka dots lately! Great outfit!

    xo Rach

  4. Great interpretation! Absolutely love the polka dots!


  5. I'm a polka dot whore. I was looking through my closet the other day and seriously started going cross eyed from all of the dots.

    Question - I have a very similar navy/white polka dot top, but the navy skirt I bought to wear with it (bought separately from the shirt) is a different shade. What other colors would you recommend wearing with navy? Is black and navy still a no no? Gray? I have pencil skirts in the following colors - black, gray, red, plum, navy (not the same shade).

  6. Thanks everyone so much! :)

    I didn't have a navy skirt either so I went with my denim pencil skirt. I feel like the navy & white polka dots could go with almost any color skirt - black, grey, red and plum all sound like they'd work great.

    Here's an article with a few pix on how navy & black go together -

    Navy & Black Together
    (there were a ton of articles on google)

    Here's navy & red:
    Navy & Red
    Navy & Red

    Hope this helps!

  7. It does, thanks! I honestly never thought about the navy and red option because I thought it was too July 4thish, but those examples are really cute!

  8. Oh my gosh I'm in love with that top!!!


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