outfit post: blue button down shirt, black pencil skirt, burgundy pumps

Inspiration - Ann Taylor

Feeling the professional vibe for Monday. This is a good outfit for a more 'serious' workday. I strive to look more polished on days I am presenting at meetings with clients or perhaps when upper level bosses are visiting the office who I don't typically interact with on a daily basis.

I've written about this before but buying this Brooks Brother's no iron button down shirt is one of the best investments I've made for my work wardrobe. It was on the expensive side but it is hands down the best 'no-wrinkle' shirt I've ever owned! You can wash it, throw it in the dryer and then give it a shake as you hang it up and it really does look like you just spent 20 minutes ironing it. (Unlike similar shirts I've bought from Banana or Ann Taylor.) I hate taking clothes to the dry cleaners and paying someone else to clean my clothes & I am not a big fan of ironing.

When I bought the shirt - I waited until the semiannual sale and while it was still expensive the dry cleaning money & ironing time it has saved me has made this shirt totally worth the investment.



  1. Love this professional look. Nice purse.




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