outfit post: black pants, striped tank, olive green cardigan

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I love this outfit. Olive green is my favorite color. I love the green color on top of the graphic black and white stripes of the tanktop. (Here's a very similar outfit with kelly green cardigan & skirt.)

Confession - I think it looks so cute to have the belt defining the waist outside of the cardigan like it is in the picture but I can never seem to keep it in place without driving myself crazy. Pretty much every time I wear a belt on the outside of my outfit like this I get so annoyed with the belt running around my torso and the cardigan bunching up that by the end of the day I've pulled my cardigan outside of the belt or just removed the belt completely. So while I love how belts-outside-cardigans look in the pictures - it is never is how I actually end up wearing the outfit.



    1. I totally agree on the struggle with the belt on the outside of a cardi. For me, it just doesn't stay put.

      Question: do you hand wash or machine wash your cardis? I've been trying to hand wash them to keep them as nice as possible, but it's getting old (and I have a backlog lol). Thanks!

    2. I wish I was better about handwashing but instead I typically just do my cardigans in the delicate cycle on the washer and then lay flat to dry. Most of my cardigans are Old Navy & Target so if they do happen to eventually wear out - it's not the most expensive thing to replace them. Although, for the most part they've held up really well. :)

    3. ohhh you just gave me an idea of what to wear today!! xo


    4. I feel the same way about belts on the outside. I feel ridiculous and I feel like its never in the right place. Great recreation.



    5. I don't ever bother even trying to belt over the cardigan, for exactly the reasons you give. And I hate tugging at my outfit all day.

    6. So cute! Love the color of that cardigan.


    7. I'm glad you mentioned the belt! I'm the same way. Drives me nuts but oh-so-cute.

    8. OMG, finally somebody real who feels the same way about belts on the outside. I may have driven myself crazy trying to keep them in place for 8 hours and may/maynot have been caught in public keeping them in place :/ Anyhoo, glad to read m not the only one! lol


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