outfit posts: yellow t-shirt, floral skirt, wide brown belt

Inspiration - Belle de Couture

Simple pretty weekend skirt. Still a summer outfit but a hint of fall colors. :)

     Yellow t-shirt - H&M
     Floral a-line skirt - Banana Republic
     Strappy bronze heels - Nine West
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors
     Wide woven belt - TJMaxx


  1. Do you have any tips for getting your belt to stay put? My belts tend to slip around when I wear them at this height and it disrupts the outfit. The worst is getting back to my office after a meeting to find my shirt half hanging out of my skirt and my whole outfit looking like a mess!

    I LOVE your blog! I pin almost every outfit! :)

    Thank you,

  2. I have the same problem with the belts sliding around! I sometimes try to safety pin this belt to the skirt (it's woven so you can kind of wiggle a piece of the belt into the loop of the pin) but for other belts - I just have to remember to pay attention.

    There have definitely been days I have just given up and pulled the belt off half way through the day. :)

    Wish I had a magic trick. If you find one - please let me know!

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. That skirt is beautiful and with the shoes, your outfit is complete. I own a pretty flared miniskirt in those colors. It's a bright, colorful blend.

    Your skirt is a good length and that makes it suitable for a wide range of situations. you could wear it to work or to lunch with someone. I haven't seen a fitted skirt like that recently.


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