outfit posts: pink tie blouse, black cropped pants, purple pumps

Inspiration - Olivia Palermo

This outfit inspired by Olivia Palermo feels fun and fashionable. Cropped pants, fall colors and a feminine blouse are all great transitional pieces as we move from summer to fall.

     Pink tie front blouse - H&M

     Black cropped pants - TJMaxx
     Purple pumps - Jessica Simpson 
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors
     Gold Belt - J.Crew Outlet


  1. Love this outfit!!!!



  2. I love this outfit! I like seeing how you recreate the outfits, but I have a question. Do you find inspiration based on what you have in your closet, or do you buys pieces based on your inspiration??

  3. I love your blog! As a female engineer, I can get caught in a rut with style (siince guys wear essentally pants and a polo at my work) and be lazy. I love looking at your blog and your style is right up my alley!

  4. I'm an Engineer too! (Computer woo-hoo!)

    I definitely don't buy things for this blog. I typically look for inspiration photos based on clothes that I already own.

    So my method is 1) to decide I want to wear a particular skirt in my closet (like this navy skirt) and 2) search for things like 'navy midi skirt' on google and pinterest until I find a picture that has a top that looks like something I also have. :)


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