outfit posts: mint sweater, pink tweed skirt

Inspiration - Michelle Obama

I'm feeling a little sherbert-y sweet in today's outfit. I typically like to stay with one dominant color in each outfit but I made the exception here because really liked the combination of the mint green and the pink tweed Michelle Obama has on here. Both colors are subtle enough that I don't feel like a crazy color nut.

Two things I would like to change about my outfit are - I would like to be wearing a heavier/thicker belt to anchor the middle of the outfit a little better but unfortunately I don't own one - so this skinny brown one had to do! And I should have put on a long sleeve white button down so I could have rolled up the sleeves and had a bit of white showing on my arms.

     White button down blouse - Banana Republic     
     Mint sweater - Polo outlet (also worn here)
     Pink tweed pencil skirt - Talbots (similar)
     Brown mary janes - TJMaxx (similar)
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors
     Skinny brown belt - Target


  1. Great look!

    Very professional and elegant!



  2. I really like your recreation and i would agree that a wider belt would look better, but i still love the way you styled it.



  3. What a lovely skirt! love how you paired it with a mint top! xo


  4. Michelle Obama is definitely a classy yet modern lady when it comes to fashion. This outfit is great, I do agree on the wider belt and longer button down though.


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