outfit post: teal cardigan, grey pencil skirt, polkadot tie blouse

Inspiration - Banana Republic

Giving a configuration workshop (if I haven't mentioned before I'm in the software business - engineer moved to consultant/project manager) to a bunch of execs at a big company this week so my "business casual" is slightly more dressy then my norm. I think this is a fun & interesting outfit that is still professional.

Random note - the teal of my cardigan is showing up much brighter in this picture then it is in real life...it's actually closer in color to the inspiration photo.

     Polka-dot tie neck blouse - White House Black Market (similar, similarexpensive love)
     Teal cardigan - JCrew Outlet (shop same, similar)
     Grey pencil skirt - Banana Republic (shop same, similar)
     Black pumps - Nine West (shop same - LOVE)
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors (shop same)
     Black patent belt - Target (shop same)


  1. Love polka dots!!! The teal and grey is really nice together too! great outfit!

    xo Rach

  2. Great outfit. Love the polka dots and I adore the cardigan.



  3. Afriggindorable!

    I think I'm going to copy this!
    Love, love, love! If I had a style twin, you would be it for sure.

    I actually have those shoes, but they're hella uncomfortable. I wore them today, and my poor feet were screaming at me the entire time!

  4. Yay style twin! :)

    Do you have the right size? I've been on my feet presenting for a software workshop all day the past two days wearing them and I'm still going... I like the cushiony inside.

    Or maybe we just have different shaped feet? :)

  5. Yep, they are a smidge too big, so that's probably the issue. Plus, I run, so my feet are 50 shades of jacked up. They certainly look fantastic, though. Love them!

  6. I pinned this outfit because I had to have that shirt. I scoured Ebay for about 6 months and finally got the exact one about a month ago. Today was my first day wearing it, with a black cardigan and hot pink trousers. I have a question though. Did you wear a camisole or tank underneath the blouse? I didn't realize there was such a significant slit and I have spent all morning trying to keep it closed! Haha. Just curious!

    1. Yeah - it does have a pretty deep v. I used a safety pin to close the gap. But a camisole would probably work well too.

      I considered sewing it shut with a little stitch in the center of the gap but I like the open V when I wear it out at night without a cardigan.


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