outfit post: grey sweater, black cropped pants, neon yellow shoes

Inspiration - Gwyneth Paltrow

I love this outfit. It's built totally from basic & neutral clothing pieces that would go with a million other things. Typically put together they would be boring. But as your eye drifts to the bottom of the outfit - WHAM  - fun shoes! I wore this to bookclub at a restaurant for drinks and fun conversation with the girls.

     Grey sweater - Banana Republic (similar, similar, similar)
     Black cropped pant - TJ Maxx (similar, similar, similar) 
     Neon yellow pumps - ShoeMint (shop same, similar, similar, similar)
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors (shop same)
     Gold circle pendant - Target (shop samelove)


  1. Adore this outfit. I would totally wear this. I might skip the yellow heels, because I don't have any, but I love it paired with a simple cropped pant and sweater. I love the necklace from House of Harlow.



  2. Thanks! I don't think yellow are really everyday or every-person kind of shoes. But since I'm pretty plain in the majority of my clothes - just a little pop here and there goes a long way! :)

    Wish the House of Harlow necklace was about $40 cheaper...sooo cute.

  3. Really love the concept of popping color with shoes. I'm not brave enough for the neon colors...yet. Maybe one day! I also think a red pump would look awesome with this.

    I've never thought of looking in the pant section at TJ Maxx. It's kind of a PITA since there's so much there, but finding a pair of cropped pants like this would be worth it. Every pair of pants I've seen there seem to be the guidette Ed Hardy looking crap with the rhinestones on the butt.

    BTW, I loved that necklace so much that I ordered it from Target a few days ago. I hope you get credit from click thrus.

  4. I love the Target necklace so much! I hope you wear it as much as I do.

  5. I have been searching high and low for neon pumps. Thank you so much for posting!!! And thank you for linking up. ; ) Next Tuesday's theme is floral. ; )


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