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Inspiration - The Limited

I had a friend of mine ask if I just shopped all the time for clothes to wear for this blog. And the answer is absolutely not! My method for creating these posts is to scan Pinterest/magazines/fashion sites for outfits & inspiration that resemble clothing I already own. I try to get inspired to love the clothes that I have in my closet.

To find inspiration sometimes I just browse around and happen find a great picture that is similar to pieces or colors that I already have and other times I search (google, Pinterest, etc) for terms related to a specific item of clothing I want to wear, "black shorts", "green cardigan" or "mint jeans" and reverse engineer an outfit that way.

I also have a tendency to keep clothing for a really long time. Today's outfit is a good example of how long I hoard keep clothing. I bought this pair of grey Express pants (with a second pair of black ones) for my very first job out of college eight years ago. I wore those two pairs of pants over and over (probably 2x a week each) at the beginning of my work life because I didn't own any other office appropriate pants. And then I bought both the floral top & cardigan from outlets within the first year or so at my job. So the whole outfit doesn't contain any new purchases and is actually around eight years old!
     Green floral blouse - Banana Republic Outlet
     Green/mustard cardigan - JCrew Outlet 
     Grey Editor pants - Express
     Brown loafer pumps - Jessica Simpson
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors
     Gold necklaces - Target


  1. Very cute! Love those grey trousers.

  2. As I've said before, I love the little anecdotes! The outfit is cute too!

  3. I too wear clothes for years :). I have several pairs of Express pants that I splurged on in 2001, one of which I wore just last week. I've thought about how much clothes it looks like I have and it's because they've accumulated over the past decade.


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