outfit posts: black and white striped dress

Inspiration - Sarah Jessica Parker

I will always love Sarah Jessica Parker and her many wonderful years of outfits from Sex and the City. Many times the outfits were a little lot crazy but I loved the adventure and fun the show gave to getting dressed. This easy casual outfit from her actual life is totally wearable for non-TV show non-Manhattan real people life. I love dresses and I love stripes and I love this outfit.

     Black and white striped dress - Loft
     White sandals with gold buckles - Target
     Green purse - Coach
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors


  1. I absolutely adore this dress!!

  2. Your dress looks better! I came across your blog and keep coming back because your style is classy with a bit of edge which is the look that I often go for. Thanks for sharing these great looks!

  3. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like it! :)


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