outfit post: yellow striped button down, white jean skirt

Inspiration - Modedamour

Don't leave me summer! I love summer and I love hot weather and love outfits like this with fun colors and light fabrics. I want summer to last forever so I'm going to try to sneak in as many hot weather clothes as I can before Labor Day. And then (and only then!) I will accept that it is actually almost fall and start thinking about fall clothing. Although here in Florida it doesn't get that much cooler until late October...

Bringing out my white jean skirt from freshman year of college to recreate this outfit. It was purchased in 1999... eep! I'm definitely bordering on being too old to wear a white jean mini skirt but I don't know how one actually knows when the time has come that it has to be retired? We'll pretend it's still okay for this weekend while I go enjoy the sun and I will worry about that question another day. :)

     Yellow striped button down - Old Navy
    White jean skirt - Guess
     Brown wedges - ShoeMint

     Brown belt - TJMaxx


  1. I need a little white skirt like that!


  2. Just call up the 90s like I did... just kidding. :)

    You might be able to find one on super sale since fall is on its way!

  3. Great outfit but the shirt hanging out gives it that sloppy look


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