outfit post: teal maxi dress, wide bright stretchy belt

Inspiration - Loft

I should have ironed this dress before I left the house. Oopsie. I'm really good for the first few steps of my laundry - I keep up with the washing, drying and folding of the clothes into my laundry basket. I take that basket into the bedroom and the process seems to breakdown there. Instead of hanging/ironing, I put the basket down near my closet and I pull clean clothes from it each morning to get dressed. At first the clothes are still relatively non-wrinkled and wearable but as time goes on everything gets jumbled and wadded up and I end up pulling out a dress like this in a hurry and walking around without realizing that I'm a wrinkled mess. Hence the outcome of this picture.

But in other news... yay weekend!

     Teal maxi dress - LOFT
     Woven rope sandals - Ralph Lauren Outlet
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors

     Wide bright patterned belt - LOFT