outfit post: bright plaid button down, jean shorts

Inspiration - Michelle Obama

This is a loosely inspired outfit from Michelle Obama. I love the bright happy plaid with the neutral pant. I do own some navy cropped pants but I was feeling way too hot to wear them or sneakers. So I swapped for jean shorts and flip-flops. It's a little borderline bumpkin (I wouldn't look out of place on a farm) but I think the fun colors keep it cute.


Inspiration - Zoe Saldana

After I posted this outfit this morning I came across the above photo of Zoe Saldana on Pinterest wearing a very very similar outfit to my loose Michelle Obama outfit interpretation! I thought I'd add her pix into the post too because it's actually closer to my outfit the the original inspiration! Yay! :)

     Bright plaid shirt - Hollister
     Jean shorts - Target
     Yellow flip flops - Old Navy
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors