Thursday, July 26, 2012

outfit post: argyle sweater, grey slacks, silver ball necklace

Inspiration - Michelle Obama

I really like this argyle sweater look inspired from Michelle Obama. (Politics aside - I love looking for pictures of either Michelle Obama & Kate Middleton that I can recreate with clothes I own - I feel like there just aren't enough fun, professional, women fashion icons.) This outfit is both professional and fun - in a cute preppy way. Love it!

     Argyle sweater - Banana Republic
     Grey editor pant - Express
     Nude pumps - Aldo
     Silver ball necklace - Target

1 comment:

  1. I love her bright colored pants in the inspiration picture. The colors of her sweater versus yours might make that easier to pull off, but did you try any bright pants with the outfit?

    I'm just thinking about an argyle sweater I have - it is shades of teal - and how that might be fun with pink pants. Or maybe it would be totally awful - there is a reason why I never talk about fashion on my blog :)



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