Dynamic Views

A few months ago I wrote a post about setting up dynamic template views for this blog. It's a cool way to view all the outfits I've ever posted at one time!

You can jump to see the photo layout at any time by clicking the links in the bar at the top of this page, "Flipcard View", "Mosaic View", "Sidebar View" and "Snapshot View."

My favorite is the FlipCard View. I love typing works like "skirt" or "blue" and seeing all the outfits of that type at once! (But for some reason don't hit enter after you type the word or it will take you off of the flipcard view. Instead of enter just click anywhere off of the search popup menu.)

There are 4 different views on the dynamic site:
  • Flipcard view: http://outfitpostsdynamic.blogspot.com/?view=flipcard
    • I like this view a lot because it lets you see lots and lots of outfits at a glance. And then you can click any one outfit to see more information.
    • At the top of the Flipcard view you can sort the photos by Recent, Date and Label.
    • You can also use the search bar to find outfits with terms like "skirt" or "blue".
I hope you like the updates! Thoughts? Suggestions? Requests? Comments?