outfit post: white shorts, nude button up, neon necklace

Inspiration - Model/Runway 

Sister week - day 7! Last day of super fun sister guest posting week. Thanks so much to my sweet and beautiful sis for taking the time to come up with the outfits and write the descriptions - I've loved seeing how they turned out! Thank you thank you thank you!

This outfit was able to take two of this season's trends, pastels and neons, and make them chic! 

     Nude button down - H&M (Full priced at $5!)
     High waisted white shorts - H&M
     Nude cage heel - Michael Kors

    Neon yellow necklace - F21

    Watch - Michael Kors


  1. love those highwaisted shorts. don't have an h&m close to me...sad face.

    1. I totally feel your sad face! I lived in DC for 7 months last year and was walking distance from H&M. I LOVED being able to pop into an H&M.

      But now, sadly, I live just about 2 hours away from one and so it's only very rare & special shopping occasions that I get to go enjoy the inexpensive fabulousness.


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