outfit post: navy and pink butterfly maxi dress

Inspiration - Nicole Richie

This is a bold statement but this dress might be the very favorite piece of clothing I own. I LOVE this dress. I have been wearing it every chance I get since the weather warmed up. I wore it out for a night of dancing when I was visiting Brazil, I've worn it walking & shopping near the beach, I've worn it to dinner with my family and to a friends BBQ at their house. It felt perfectly appropriate for every single one of those situations.

I tried & I tried to get a photograph that captured how tall and flowy and pretty this dress makes me feel but for some reason I think all the photos make me look short and the dress too long. Maybe it's how the fabric swirls when I move doesn't translate to a still photograph?

     Navy & pink butterfly patterned maxi - Express
     Woven rope sandals - Ralph Lauren Outlet
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors


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