outfit post: green mint high-low dress

Inspiration - DulceCandy

Here's my new dress from my H&M shopping trip with my sister a few weeks ago. At first I wasn't sure I was ready to pull off the high-low hem trend but once I tried this dress on - I loved it! I think it's pretty and ladylike but also really current. Fun for a night out to a wine bar or to get some sushi.

(And random occurrence - my lifelong bestie randomly bought the exact same dress while on work trip California. We have lived far apart for the past six years, don't often discuss shopping and yet we constantly find we've bought the exact same thing - even from stores like H&M that we each frequent maybe once a year! Totally psychic!)

     Mint high-low mint dress - H&M
     White heels - Vince Camuto Toleo via Zappos (Remind me of YSL Tributes - see below!)
     Peach necklace - H&M

The knockoff -  Vince Camuto Toleo - $98


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