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Inspiration - Rachel Bilson

Some days you just want to be a bum. But I like it when you can at least be a cute bum. Rachel Bilson has one of my favorite casual everyday styles. Cool, laid-back & comfortable - perfect for a hot summer day. The plaid shirt and jean shorts are almost country bumpkin but with cute accessories (I really want a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses!) like sunglasses and big gold watch with fun shoes - I think the look becomes intentional instead of I accidentally just left the farm.

     Blue plaid shirt - Gap
     Cut off jean shorts - Target
     Woven rope sandals - Ralph Lauren Outlet
     Gold link watch - Michael Kors


  1. I am curious what you think of those infinity scarves? And if you would wear them, what would you wear them with? I think they are really cute but I'm not exactly sure how to put them with an outfit. Prints or solids? Casual or dressier? Would love to see how you'd wear one :)

  2. I think they are really cute too! I just don't own one. I should put one on my shopping list for next fall.

    Personally, I tend wear patterned/bright scarves with basic clothes -
    **All scarf posts - http://outfitposts.blogspot.com/search?q=scarf

    When I like something but I don't know how to wear it - I typically google it or look on Pinterest. Found some cute celeb infinity scarf pix:


  3. I love the Kim Kardashian link, she's casual but still looks trendy. Thanks for the links! Love your blog!!

  4. No problem! Thank you so much!


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