outfit post: white t, grey pencil skirt, teal necklace

This outfit is me trying to branch out of only wearing my pencil skirts to work. They are a flattering shape and I feel like I should try to wear them in more situations then the office. I like that this outfit has basic components - a simple white-t and my favorite suit skirt put together with a bright fun necklace. I like the result.

Now the only question is where I would wear this outfit? It's too casual for work but too dressy for errands. Definitely a day outfit... sometimes I wish I worked in a more creative & causally dressing industry so I could have reasons to wear an outfit like this.

     White t-shirt - H&M
     Grey Suit Pencil Skirt - Banana Republic
     Nude Pumps - Aldo
     Gold Link Watch - Michael Kors
     Teal chunky necklace - Pac Sun (12 years old?)