outfit post: brown polka dot pretty woman dress

Inspiration - Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

I tried this brown polka dot dress on at White House Black Market (um, what? I thought they only sold clothes in black and white?) and immediately fell in love. It fit me perfectly and conjured up dreams that I was Julia Roberts at the Polo match in Pretty Woman - so while I typically avoid buying anything at full price, I decided to splurge on it. I am so glad I did!

It's one of those multipurpose dresses - I could wear it to work with a cardigan and pumps, wear it on a date or to dinner with family, it would work for a wedding or a babyshower or if I ever have the pleasure of being invited... a polo match! And I think that the print it classic and timeless. If the style worked for Julia in the late 80s and still looks sophisticated and appropriate for today - I think I can bet on wearing this for many years to come!

     Brown polka dot dress - White House Black Market
     Brown Heels - Bebe (look so much like YSL tribute - makes me very happy!)
     White Pont Neuf Epi - Louis Vuitton


  1. I love this dress as well. It didn't fit me quite as nicely as I would like, so I had to pass. I am now searching for a similar one that will fit correctly.

  2. Good luck! It's a constant search to find one of those 'works for everything' dress. I just always keep my eye out and every so often you luck out!


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